[Nepal 2013] Thursday 21st of November – Bloom Academy in Kathmandu

On November 21, 2013 by Nepal 2013

Ram created Bloom Nepal School 4 months ago. The school is located in the neighborhood of Kathmandu and currently it welcomes 14 Children.

We planned to spend 2 days with the students – First day at the school and second day at the airport.


The program of the first day was focused on
– The Airplane presentation
– The Helicopter presentation
– The Airplane demonstration

_DSC3993 _DSC4002 _DSC4005 _DSC4012 _DSC4016 _DSC4039 _DSC4048 _DSC4078 _DSC4106 _DSC4122

At the beginning the children were a little bit shy. But after few activities, they participated actively and the exchange was very good. We were anew surprised by the capacity of the children to learn quickly the different aeronautic concepts. We also had the support of a child who presented how the jet engine works.

_DSC4263 _DSC4199

After the theoretical presentation, they were ready to pilot the remote Airplane. All the children were very excited to do it!

At the end of the day, Isaac Newton and Bernouilli have no secret for those children anymore 😉

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