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Be part of “Fly Beyond Dreams” – Volunteer with us!

We are always looking for volunteers! There is a lot of things to do, and many ways you can be involved!

Hereafter a few examples of how you can get involved. If your idea is not in the list, please feel free to propose us something that would make us dream !

– The concept of Fly Beyond Dreams convinced you and you want to have a FbD project in your own country or region? Start your initiative! Contact us! We will provide you with support and the classroom materials if you want to teach about airplanes and aviation.

– You don’t want to start your own project but want to join one of the existing projects? Contact us to know what’s going on, and we’ll see what would suit you. If you feel like joining a project abroad, you have to consider that the volunteers are paying for their plane tickets and any other related travel costs. Furthermore, volunteers are urged to participate to the preparation of the trips, which start at least 6 months before trip start.

– You don’t have the time to involve yourself fully in one of our projects, but still want to help? We are always looking for motivated people that could help us in running the association. You are a passionate web-designer? Please help improving our website! You are a gifted project manager? Support us in our project management skills! Do you have any other skill you want to share with us?

 Contact us at:



We depend on all kind of donations to help us launch projects and run the organisation. We are looking for goods as well as economical support.

You want to provide us with pencils or book notes? We would be extremely happy to hand them to the kids! You want to sponsor a model airplane for our courses or for one of the schools?

There are two ways to support us financially:

– Support one project in particular: each project is specific and it usually has its own platform for fundraising.

– Support the association for the overall cause. Our aim is to keep the recurring costs of the association as low as possible. We want that all the efforts are concentrated on enhancing the kid’s experience with Fly beyond Dreams.

Please find hereafter our bank details:

Account Name: Fly Beyond Dreams
Bank Name: Caixa Bank
IBAN: ES26 2100 0610 5202 0019 6110

Fly Beyond Dreams is a Non-Governmental Organisation registered in Spain under the registration number G86665031.


Support Directly the schools or organisations we partner with:

You followed our activities through our website or our Facebook page and you’ve fallen in love with one of the schools we’ve been too. We can provide you the contacts to support directly clicking in the following links:

Maya Universe Academy

Bloom School

SOS Children’s Village Ladimirevci

Hogar Lerchundi

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