Our Mission


“Our mission is to inspire and support children around the world to believe in and strive for their dreams by providing fascinating aviation education, mentoring and partnership programs”


For ages, flying has been an inaccessible dream… even for geniuses like Leonardo Da Vinci. Human flight was simply accepted as impossible.

But, a few people wouldn’t stop dreaming… in 1783 the Montgolfier brothers succeeded in lifting a person in the air with their hot air balloon. Uncontrolled – but flying! Then in 1891, Otto Lilienthal, thanks to a selfmade glider, was the first to experience what birds might feel. He successfully piloted his glider, the first of its kind. And finally, in 1906, the Wright brothers succeeded not only in controlling the trajectory of an airplane but also were able to sustain the flight thanks to a motor. Modern aviation was born.

What do these people all have in common? They didn’t believe those telling them their dream was impossible to accomplish. They fought for their dream, succeeded, and participated in shaping the world as we know it today.

This is our first mission: to spread this message to the hearts of students all over the world. We try to convey to them the “magic” of flight through theoretical courses and real life, engaging demonstrations. We hope to broaden their horizons, and make them trust that the impossible is possible, if you fight hard enough for it.

Our second mission is to open the kids’ minds to technical topics. We believe it is important to give the children some engineering tools they can use in their daily lives.


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