Nepal 2012

This is how it all began…

Aspirations and dreams are universal. From the mountains of Nepal to the jungles of Colombia, the idea we wanted to spread all over the world was the power of aspirations and dreams. Having built a team of diverse aviation professionals from Nepal, Colombia, Spain and France, we decided to embark on a mission to teach kids all over the world about airplanes.

Airplanes are and always have been a subject of intrigue for kids.  We take advantage of this natural fascination and use it to share our values and technical knowledge.  The primary objective of our first project in Nepal was to develop a model for educating kids and to prepare this platform to be implemented in countries all over the world.

Nice idea!  How did it play out?

The model we implemented was a combination of theoretical presentations and interactive activities.

We gave a classroom presentation, two hours in length, which included:

One hour on the basic technical principles of flight.
One hour of activity, including making realistic model paper planes and a demonstration of our radio-controlled model propeller plane.

What did you achieve? (delivery-oriented engineers speaking here)

We know education cannot be reduced to numbers, nevertheless, here are a few:
Schools visited:

1. St. Francis school, Pokhara, Nepal – 2 presentations
2. Children Village, orphanage, Pokhara, Nepal – 1 presentation
3. Down Syndrome school, Ganeshman Tol, Nepal – 1 presentation
4. Maya Universe Academy, Tanahun, Nepal – 2 presentations

Total days on Project- 6
Total presentations completed- 6

What else? How did you pay for all of this?

The entire project was self-funded by the volunteers.  All subsequent fundraising has been dedicated to the support of the Maya Universe Academy through:

– Scientific materials provided to support classes.
– Educational sponsorships for two students.

What did you hope the children would respond/ What is our conclusion ?

Its one word: Enthusiasm!

A desire for knowledge, and the enthusiasm to apply what they learned to their lives in their way.

Have you ever asked yourself why an airplane doesn’t fly backwards? It’s a good question, isn’t it?  Well, we hadn’t thought about it before coming to Nepal.  Questions like this forced us to question ourselves, and to go back to the basics.

It’s difficult to put into words, but we could say that we came to teach and were taught.  Seeing the enthusiasm of the kids to learn reconfirmed our belief that education is the foundation of positive change.

Our experience in the jungles of Nepal convinced us to create our organization. We built this website to spread the word and gather more volunteers to join us. Come! Let’s Fly beyond Dreams together!

Want to know more? have a look to our  Project Blog

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