The Team

At Fly beyond Dreams there are a lot of young motivated volunteers.


From left to right: Abhi, Askold, Nath, Rafa, Hélo & Shai

Official Members: 

Rafael Narváez Gracia from Spain – Board Member, President

Askold Falkenberg from Germany – Board Member, Secretary and Founder

Nathalie Fressonnet from France – Board Member, Treasurer

Abhinav Karki from Nepal – Extended Board, Nepal Project Leader, Founder

Clara Romero from Spain – Extended Board, Legal Counsel, Founder

Cesar Gomez from Colombia – Extended Board, FbD South-East Asia Representative, Founder

David Morczineck from Germany – Extended Board, FbD Americas Representative

Joana Bel from Spain – Extended Board, FbD Middle-East Representative, Project Leader Croatia 2018

Shailendra Dhaubhadel from Nepal – Extended Board

Roseline Lainé from France & Korea – FbD Operations Manager, Project Leader Croatia 2017

Rajâa Sellak from Morocco – Project Leader Tangier 2017

Heloise Dubois from France – Member

Jens Damian from Germany – Member

Bettina Falkenberg from Germany – Member

Răzvan Horga from Romania – Member

Ana Krupa from Croatia – Member

Maja Groznica from Croatia – Member

Asadduzzaman Mohammed Kagozi from Germany – Member

Manfred Rode from Germany – Member

Mathilde Restelli from France – Member

Pascale Rousset from France – Member

Sandra Rivot from France – Member

Alexia Mezon from France – Member

Marie Escobad from France – Member

Julia Augere from France – Member

Berenice Ortiz Alfaro from France – Member

Rachel Schroeder from France – Member

Jennifer Herranz from Spain – Member

Anna Liebhoff from Germany – Member



There are many other volunteers (more than 75) whose faces you can discover on the different pictures and project pages.


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