[Nepal 2013] Saturday 9th of November – Arrival to Kathmandu

On November 9, 2013 by Nepal 2013

Excitement, that was the feeling we, Nepal´13 Team, were sharing on that Friday 8th of November when we all left the countries we were living in (Germany, France) to meet in Kathmandu on the following day. One day in this very busy capital was enough for us to get settled, overcome the jetlag and make a few checks:

  • Lessons plans: checked.
  • the money collected during our fundraising activities converted into Rupees: checked.
  • Logistics finalization: checked
  • Extra material needed for our lessons (world maps, a balloon, post-its, an air-pump): checked.


During our first day in Kathmandu, we prepared as well all the goodies we were able to collect:

  • 56 T-Shirts
  • 29 Solar chargers
  • 18 Flightbooks
  • 188 Pens
  • 150 A380 paper models
  • 32 Caps
  • 36 Notepads


In the evening, we had the chance to meet Ram from Bloom Academy, school which we plan to visit during our second week here. After a good sleep in the hotel, we were ready to go. A 4×4 was waiting for us in the morning to take us to the first school, Maya Universe Academy, after a 6 hours journey.

Some kids welcomed us as soon as we arrived, excited from what they heard from some other teachers. The best is yet to come!

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