[Colombia 2013] 1st of April – Universidad Bolivariana Medellin

On May 1, 2013 by Askold

On Monday the 1st of April, FbD visited the students of the Universidad Bolivariana in Medellin. The objective of the activity was to invite the aerospace students to join FbD locally in Medellin and for them to have the opportunity to talk with professionals from the industry and get advice and support for their future careers.

We had the pleasure to have the support of the University Directorates who allowed the students to attend this forum and cancel the classes of the faculty for this morning. The result from the activity with the students was more than expected. The forum was very interesting for both sides FbD and the students. It allowed students to ask many interesting questions and clarify doubts and fears for their coming years. Also, FbD had the pleasure of inviting 8 students from the University as observers to the school Pedro Justo Berrio where FbD taught children the day afterwards. This experience with the students allows FbD to consider in the coming future to have FbD ambassadors who can support our cause locally in Colombia. The ideal panorama would be to have a “generations loop” of communication in between the kids from schools in Medellin, the aerospace students from the Universidad Bolivariana, and FbD young aerospace professionals.

In conclusion, FbD is extremely thankful and happy with the University Bolivariana and its students for this great opportunity. We look forward to continue improving a strong relationship with the University that can help FbD mission locally in Colombia. We are very enthusiastic and optimistic on working in the short term together with the University and its students.

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