[Colombia 2013] The Team – Robert

On March 18, 2013 by Askold

Name, Age:  Robert, 26



My dream in Life:

Since I grew up in the world of aircrafts I have always been fascinated by the highly sophisticated technique. I live my dream  since I am 14 with stearing aircrafts responsibly from the pilot‘s seat.
It‘s my passion to develop aircrafts to the next technical level and to bring people of this world closer togeather safely, faster and green.

My motivation for the FbD project in Colombia:

To be able living my dream is a privilege but also hard work. Therefore I am sharing my passion for flying and future technique to inspiring youngsters to life beyond their dreams. – Nothing is impossible if you are willing to work for it!

About me:

I was born in a city close to Frankfurt, Germany. After finishing my degree Mechanical Engineering and Business Administration in Aachen I went for a second Master Degree to China to study Industrial Engineering in Beijing.

Today I am working the area of aircraft development in an harmonization project with the aim to bring roughly 5.000 engineers working on different products closer together to develop aircrafts with more synergies and innovation.

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