[Colombia 2013] The Team – Carmen

On February 17, 2013 by Askold

Our second team member presenting herself is Carmen. She is new to Fly Beyond Dreams, and full of energy and motivation to support us in Colombia!



Name, Age: Carmen, 28



Dream in Life:

Developing myself as an engineer and trying to help people in projects like FbD.


Motivation for FbD in Colombia: 

I really enjoy interacting with children and I will try to do my best in this project trying to encourage them to study and grow up in a healthy atmosphere.


About me:

I was born in Seville (Spain) and I have lived there almost all my life. Currently I live in Madrid because I work in Getafe since last May. I have studied industrial engineering. I have worked in a car gearbox  factory during 6 months and after this, I had an internship in a major European aircraft manufacturer (Seville). I now have the chance to work in the same company but in Madrid.

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