[Tanger 2017] Hot news! Day 4 and 5!

On May 10, 2017 by Cesar Gomez

Last 2 days were focused around the solar system with some theory and nice mobiles to decorate the classes! We also learned how to fly a kite and made some planes, rockets, etc out of playdough. 

Another interesting moment was when we added a parachuting to a water rocket, although it didn’t help with the recovery as it flew too high into the sky of Tangier… 
Last but not least, we had a party with henna and life music to celebrate the end of our stay with the kids. We have learned sooo much from them (even some choreographies and Arabic songs!) and hopefully them from us :). 
Inshallah see you next year, thank you all for your support that helped us and the kids have a wonderful time in Hogar Lerchundi.
Alberto, Ana, David, Fatima, Javier, Joana & Rajaâ
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